Dear Hong Kong Federation of Students
attn: Alex Chow & Associates : CONTACT

Free Prior Informed Consent is the foundational ethic of our Kwa'mutsun Nation's 2013-2014 submissions to the United Nations in the Credentials Challenge of Crown Canada v Original Indigenous Peoples paramountcy. We challenge Crown Canada governance claims upon the issues of UN Charter Chp VII ; namely, illicit military occupation in absence of Free Prior Informed Consent by Original Indigenous Peoples of the territories in question expressly considered by the UN Security Council for sanctioning approval.
This is mentioned here for your considerations. Perhaps, it is now as well important for Original Indigenous Peoples of the territories of Hong Kong lands by Custom Law to appeal to the United Nations General Assembly regarding the Charter Chapter VII provisions as a methodology of securing fundamental human rights through the principles of universal suffrage. The Republic of China will benefit from this challenge by demonstrating that a singular political party system can flourish in a truly democratic fashion.

Students may also consider claiming their "allodial titles" and redeeming possession of their original birth certificates : the security bond.

Our Prayers Are With All Of You
Ralph Charles Goodwin / Shqwi`qwal Yuxwuletun [Speaker Eagle]
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